Durango Operating, LLC.

About Us

Durango Operating, LLC is the successor operating company to one started in 1987 by John D. Herlihy. It has steadily grown over the years to its present size, operating 32 oil wells in Mississippi and Alabama.

What We Do

Durango Operating, LLC operates oil and gas wells in Mississippi and Alabama. Two oilfields in Mississippi, 14 producers and three salt water disposal wells, and four oilfields in Alabama, 18 producers and nine salt water disposal wells.

Royalty & Mineral Purchasing

Durango Operating, LLC will purchase any royalty owner’s mineral or royalty interest for a fair value. Contact us for additional information.

Equipment Sales

Used Pumping Units for Sale

Lufkin Pumping Unit

Serial Number: K138465V. 105123 - Manufactured 9/16/01

Includes 4-3CRO’s counterweights (more counterweight available)
Call 601-278-5777 for Price

Lufkin Pumping Unit

Serial Number: F35771G-331836

Includes 2-OARO’s counterweights (more counterweight available)
With the following structure:
Sampson post f/ C-640-304-120, SN: F35771G - 331836
Call 601-278-5777 for Price

Q: How do I purchase equipment?

A: Contact Us at: john@durangooperating.com

Royalty Owners Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Durango Operating no longer making royalty payments?

A: Plains Marketing took over responsibility for making royalty payments to royalty owners effective January 1, 2015, for efficiency reasons.

Q: I haven’t received my royalty check, when will I receive it?

A: Contact Plains Marketing at:

Plains Marketing L.P.
Attention: Division Order
P.O. Box 4648
Houston, TX 77210-34648

1-800-772-7589 or 713-646-4460

Q: I'm interested in selling my royalty interests or mineral rights. Will Durango buy me out?

A: Durango will purchase any royalty owner’s mineral or royalty interest for a fair value.
Contact John D. Herlihy directly at john@durangooperating.com for additional information.

Q: Can I ask other questions?

A: Yes, you contact us via the contact form below.

Contact Us

Mailing Address | Physical Address:
419A Northpark Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157

601.420.2525 Office
601.420.2524 Fax

You may also email us at shondra@durangooperating.com